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Size: 1000x700mm or Can be produced as clients' requirements

Roll Can be produced as clients' requirements


Performance description

Testing Item Unit Testing Result
Density g/cm3 1.34-1.38
Yield Strength N/mm2 52
Elongation at Yield % 3.8
Tensile Strength mpa ≤52.0
Impact Strength kj/m2 5
Notched Impact Strength kj/m2 4
Fire Behaviour UL94 No
Breakage Elongation % 15-20
Falling Ball Break Rate % ≤40
The Contents of Vcm mg/kg ≤1
Vicat Softening Point °C 70-75
Thickness 0.15-2mm or costumized
Colour Hight Transparent and others


Properties and characteristics most relevant use of PET polyethylene terephthalate

High transparency (in amorphous state), while admitting loads of colors and brightness with magnifying effect.

High resistance to wear and corrosion.

Very good coefficient of sliding.

High chemical resistance and good thermal properties, has a high heat deformability allows microwave cooking.

Very good barrier to gases such as CO2, humidity and O2.

Compatible with other barrier materials to improve the quality as a whole barrier containers and thus allow use in specific markets.


Approved for use in products that must be in contact with food products.

Processable blow injection and extrusion.

Suitable for producing bottles, films, sheets, plates and pieces.

Excellent mechanical properties.

Sterilizable by gamma ray and ethylene oxide.

Good cost / performance.

Lightweight, allows a bottle weighs 20 times less than its content.


Inert (to the content).

Resistant to permanent efforts and wear, because it has high rigidity and hardness.
High bending resistance and low moisture absorption, making it very suitable for the manufacture of fibers.

Easy printing with inks.


a) Containers and packaging

For its impermeability to gases, PET covers almost 100% of the market and returnable bottles for carbonated beverages. Machinery firms have contributed greatly to promoting the evolution of the containers quickly, so today containers are available for filling at normal temperatures and hot filling; very small packages are also developed from 10 ml to 19 liter jugs. Wide-mouth jars are used in the packaging of food preserves.

Among the many uses given to PET, due to its durability, dimensional stability and insensitivity to the excellent moisture, stands the fate that has been given in the manufacture of carbonated beverage containers and food packaging therefore does not deteriorate or cause effects toxicity to these products.


The use of PET in the market including:
- Carbonated Drinks
- Purified water
- Oil
- Canned
- Cosmetics
- Detergents and Chemicals
- Pharmaceutical products


b) Electro-mail

This segment covers various types of movies and applications from ultra thin to capacitors of a micrometer or less to 0.5 mm films used for insulation of engines.
Because of its high dielectric strength and mechanical, PET is used as insulating slots and phases in engines, capacitors, inductors and transformers. This has also served to be used in the manufacture of high density electrical connectors, terminal blocks, integrated circuits and electromechanical parts, thereby replacing the thermosets.


c) Fibers (woven fabrics, cords, etc.)

In the textile industry, the polyester fiber is used to make a variety of fabrics and clothing. Clothes made from this fiber is resistant to wrinkle. These fibers are known as Dacron and Fortrel and are widely used in consumer goods such as clothing and textiles.
It is also performed, with the PET nonwoven fabrics.
Because of its strength, PET is used in woven fabrics and rope, parts for belts, sewing thread and reinforcement of tires. Its low elongation and high toughness in reinforcements to take advantage hoses. Its chemical resistance allows to apply it in bristle paint brushes and industrial brushes.
The polyester also has a medical application because of their strength is used in reconstruction surgery of damaged tissues.


d) Applications in mechanical engineering

PET is used in the manufacture of parts that need hard, flat surfaces and good dimensional stability. Eg gears, cams, bearings, pistons and racks of bombs withstand high impact forces.
PET (PRFV) reinforced composites are used to manufacture components distributor caps and exterior paint for automobiles.


e) Other applications

It is used for trays conventional oven or microwave, but its main use is in bottles. It is also used to manufacture monofilaments bristle brooms and brushes.