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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the product of polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer. It is the most versatile plastic derivative. This can be produced by four different processes: suspension, emulsion, mass and solution.

The chlorine atom bonded to each carbon atom gives mainly amorphous characteristics and prevent recrystallization, high cohesion between molecules and PVC polymer chains are primarily due to strong dipole moments caused by the chlorine atoms, which in turn They give some steric hindrance ie repelling like-charged molecules, creating electrostatic repulsions reducing flexibility of the polymer chains, this difficulty in structural conformation necessary the incorporation of additives to be a desired end product obtained.

In the industry there are two types: Rigid and Flexible.

PVC is characterized by ductile and tough; It has dimensional stability and environmental resistance.

  • PVC Rigid Transparent with both masking
    Size by sheet : 915*1830,1220*2440, 700*1000mm Thickness:0.21-6.5mm Density::1.36-1.38g/cm3 Color : clear,transparent Surface:glossy/glossy
  • PVC Film
    PVC Film
    Transparent film
    Size : Width<=1280mm
    Thickness:0.03-1.2mm Density::1.36g/cm3
    Color : transparent Surface:glossy/glossy
  • PVC Shrink Sleeves
    Shrink Sleeves for food, cosmetics, chemicals, beverages...
  • PVC Clear For Vacuum
    PVC Clear Sheet For Vacuum
    Size by roll: Width <=1500 mm ( matt surface ) Width<= 1300 mm ( fabric sufrace) Thickness:0.3mm / 0.4mm /0.5mm Density::1.42 g/cm^3 Color : white / creamy white / creamy yellow Surface:glossy/grain
  • PVC Rigid - Glaspack
    Size by sheet : 700*1000 or Customer Size by roll: 500-1500mm Thickness:0.3-2.0mm Density::1.40-1.42g/cm3 Color: white
  • PVC For Medicine Packing
     PVC  For Medicine Packing
    Size: 900*1200mm, 915*1220mm Thickness:0.05-3.0mm Density:1.40-1.42g/cm3 Color: various
  • PVC For Bending
    Size by sheet : 915*1830, 1220*2440, 700*1000mm or Customer
    Size by roll: 500-1500mm Thickness:0.20-6.5mm Density::1.36-1.38g/cm3
  • PVC Stationery Sheet
    Size : A3, A4 or Customer Thickness: 0.125- 0.35mm Density::1.33-1.37g/cm3 Color : red, blue, grenn, yellow, transparent, various
  • PVC Film By Calendering
    Size in Roll : Width < = 1500mm Thickness: 0.03-1.2 mm Density: 1.37 g/cm3 Color : Transparent
  • PVC Matt  PVC  Matt
    Size: 900*1200mm, 915*1220mm Thickness:0.05-3.0mm Density:1.40-1.42g/cm3 Color: various
  • PVC Card Material
    Offset Printable PVC Card, Credit Card, Sim, IC Width:<=1530
  • PVC Grey Sheet
    Size: 1220*2440, 1000*2000, 1300x2000mm or Customized Thickness: 1.0-40mm Density: 1.5g/cm3
    Color : various