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About Us

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PVC INTERNATIONAL is specialized in the field of synthetic plastics and all ranges of PVC, PET, PE, ACRYLIC, FOAM, INKJET PVC SOFT FILM and LUMINESCENTS.

Our materials are odorless, tasteless, nontoxic, self-extinguishing, resistant to weather and moisture, dimensionally stable, with good dielectric properties, resistance to most acids, fats, hydrocarbons and fungi.

As PVC International bring extensive professional experience.

Highest quality standards, do not work with recycled material.

We have certificates of fire behavior.

Quick response and service.

Production planning with manufacturing processes in real time allowing us to respond to the urgent demands of our customers.

A high level of service as the basis of our philosophy.

Specialized technical assistance.

Constant adaptation to new technologies with continuous innovations.

Collaboration on new developments of markets.

We have technical and management highly qualified personnel.

We manufacture technological advanced production equipment. We meet the specific and / or special needs of customers.

Our goal is to give full satisfaction to our customers with the highest quality to cover every single need giving an immediate response.