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Roll Can be produced as clients' requirements


Performance description

Testing Item Unit Testing Result
Density g/cm3 1.32-1.42
Elongation at Break % MD

≥400 and ≥300

% TD ≥35 and ≥40
Tensile Strength Mpa MD ≥45 and ≥35
Mpa TD ≥200 and ≥150
Heat Shrinkage % MD ≤5 and ≤10
% TD ≥70-78 and ≥50
C.O.F. us/uk ≤0.60/0.55
Haze % ≤7.0 and ≥100
Gloss 45°C ≥100
Whiteness % ≥80
Thickness 20-80um or costumized
Colour Hight Transparent / white and others


Properties and characteristics most relevant use of PETG


Information above is only for reference. Considering the difference between customers in terms of equippment, process conditions, applications and specific requirements etc...

For storing, we suggest that the temperature for storing and transporting should be below 30℃ with quality guarantee period of 6 months.


In order to get better printing effect, we recommend using printing ink exclusively used for PET.



Widely used for bottle (big diameter difference between bottleneck and body) film labelling,eg. beverage bottles packaging , cleaning and bathing products packaging and cosmetics packaging.

Also packaging materials used for dairy products,fruit juice,red wine and vitamin products that need UV blocking.